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By Guillaume Kendall, Matt McBrideMay 24, 2019
Experience DesignFinancial Services

Guidelines for Experience Design Success in Financial Services

Moving from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach allows financial services companies to create compelling customer experiences, services and products.

By Guillaume KendallMar 11, 2019
Financial Services

Collaboration Redefines Customer-Centricity in Banking

Strategic alliances between banks and FinTechs bring innovation.

By Guillaume KendallFeb 05, 2019
Financial Services

2019 Trends: Financial Services Firms Shift Focus to Collaboration

Customer experience, big data, blockchain, and collaboration for FinTech success.

By Guillaume KendallApr 27, 2018
Financial Services

Why Invest in DLT?

DLT and blockchain are everywhere, but why invest in it for your business?

By Guillaume KendallApr 17, 2018
Financial Services

Different Types of DLT

It’s not just for cryptocurrencies—see the different kinds of DLT.

By Guillaume KendallApr 12, 2018
Financial Services

Things to Consider Before Investing in DLT

Want to incorporate DLT or blockchain into your business but are unsure how or what the value is?

By Guillaume KendallJan 25, 2018
Financial Services

Tailoring Your Bank to the 2018 Customer

As banks become more digital, is your company appealing to the modern customer?

By Guillaume KendallJan 25, 2018
Financial Services

For Banks, Going Digital to Drive Customer Engagement

Banks are constricted by regulations and legacy processes; going digital means more human interactions.