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By Taras BachynskyyMay 05, 2023
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Digital Twins and the Industrial Metaverse

Explore the role of the industrial metaverse and digital twins in automotive, manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas.

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By Taras BachynskyyNov 24, 2022
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Sandboxes to Accelerate Web3 and Blockchain Adoption

Accelerate the deployment of Web3 components such as blockchain and DLT by safely experimenting in a sandbox platform

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By Taras BachynskyyNov 15, 2022
AWSCloud & DevOpsFinancial Services

Blockchain and Digital Assets are Revolutionizing Capital Markets

Adopt blockchain to modernize capital markets, develop digital assets, and discover new revenue streams

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By Serge Haziyev, Taras Bachynskyy, Lyubomyr DemkivFeb 21, 2022
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The Rise of Digital Twins

Previously expensive and available only to space programs at NASA, now digital twins, powered by modern technologies, promise a giant leap for a reasonable cost.

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By Taras BachynskyyMay 25, 2021
Data & Analytics

Gamify Your Data Strategy

Increase revenue, efficiency, and customer loyalty with effective data strategy.

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By Taras BachynskyyAug 08, 2019
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Building a Software Data Strategy

Foundational steps to creating a strong big data strategy.

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By Taras BachynskyyJan 12, 2018
Data & Analytics

Setting Better Goals for Big Data Projects

SoftServe Data Architect Taras Bachynskyy gives insight on best practices and common misconceptions in setting attainable Big Data project goals.

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By Taras BachynskyyOct 12, 2016
Data & Analytics

Big Data Warehousing with Elasticsearch

Here's how to address Big Data warehousing with Elasticsea rch.

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