By Guillaume KendallJan 25, 2018
Financial Services

For Banks, Going Digital to Drive Customer Engagement

Banks are constricted by regulations and legacy processes; going digital means more human interactions.

By Guillaume KendallJan 25, 2018
Financial Services

Tailoring Your Bank to the 2018 Customer

As banks become more digital, is your company appealing to the modern customer?

By Antonina SkrypnykNov 14, 2017
Financial Services

Finding Where You Land in Financial Services Experience Design

First steps and current trends in redesigning your experience design for the fintech industry.

By Antonina SkrypnykNov 07, 2017
Experience DesignFinancial Services

Experience Design and Financial Services: Staying Current in a Disruptive Landscape

Discover the importance of experience design in Financial Services for growing revenue and boosting customer loyalty.

By Antonina SkrypnykNov 03, 2017
Financial Services

The Perks of Unique APIs for Financial Services

Learn how unique APIs integrate with flexible systems to speak directly to your customers.

By Antonina SkrypnykNov 02, 2017
Financial Services

Maximizing Financial Services Data: Customers and Compliance

Making compliant, customer-centric decisions through business intelligence and big data.

By Antonina SkrypnykOct 13, 2017
Financial Services

Modern Business Intelligence in the Financial Services Vertical

Discover how big data’s impact on business intelligence can grow your financial services business.

By Ivan LeshkoOct 09, 2017
Financial Services

Decentralized Payment Models Changing Tradition

Why decentralized currencies and mobile solutions provide compelling alternatives to traditional money transferring systems.

By Ivan LeshkoSep 22, 2017
Financial ServicesIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & ML

IoT and the Possibilities for Smart Insurance Platforms

Dec 05, 2016
Financial ServicesSecurity

Seven Security Strategies for FinTech

Read on for a unique set of security concerns financial services, banking, and fintech industries are facing.