By Nazar Khomyn, Vlad Selotkin , Volodymyr Karpiv, Taras RumezhakMay 12, 2023
IoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLManufacturingOperational EfficiencyQuality ManagementR&D

Automated Quality Inspections: the Promise and the Potential of Optimization

How to optimize your automated quality inspection for your business needs.

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By Alex VovchukNov 22, 2022
AutomotiveEnergy, Oil & GasIoT, XR, Robotics, AI & MLManufacturingOperational EfficiencyQuality ManagementR&DRetail

Deploying 3D Scanners to Automate Gap and Flush Inspections

By combining structured light technology and a robotic arm, SoftServe developed a solution to automate the final stage of automobile production.

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By Taras KholopkinOct 17, 2022
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Keep the good ideas coming with innovation management

In today’s market, successfully managing corporate ideas is crucial to sustainable, long-term success. But with more employees and business partners, how can you improve your company’s corporate innovation?

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By Roman KrayovskyyJan 12, 2018
Quality ManagementSoftware Development

Test Automation: Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

Make the most out of your agile SDLC with test automation.

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By Pavlo VedilinJul 14, 2016
Quality Management

Skype Automation: Bulk Renaming of Contacts with PowerShell

Automation hocus-pocus: forget about manual Skype contacts renaming with PowerShell & a small additional library.

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By Ostap ElyashevskyyAug 19, 2015
Quality ManagementSoftware Development

Automated Performance Testing of Desktop Applications

Here’s a detailed guideline to testing the performance of Windows desktop applications.

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By Ostap ElyashevskyyApr 07, 2015
Quality Management

Cloud Based Automation Testing with Selenium WebDriver: How Not to Get Lost

How not to get lost looking for cloud solutions for automation testing with Selenium WebDriver.

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By Kris KosykJan 15, 2015
Quality Management

Quality Assurance and Control 2015: What's in Trend?

With quality assurance and control being a mounting concern, testers need to start taking more ownership and leadership in business.

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