Continuity of Care with Cloud: Real-world cases for the Healthcare Ecosystem


Nov 18, 2020


Online, North America & EMEA


Hybrid cloud allows control and visibility for entities with PHI (protected health information), which includes a mix of public and private cloud services. Instead of data locked in a facility (behind firewalls or stored on in-house servers), the data is distributed and stored in multiple locations on premise and in secure cloud locations. Here, we’ll address how healthcare payers, providers, and life science professionals can move past outdated storage models and fully recognize the benefits hybrid cloud has to offer.​


Join SoftServe in unlocking real-world implementation tips and success stories to enable backup and business continuity, greater health information exchange, and real-time data processing for informed clinical and business decisions.

Hybrid cloud adoption is progressively meeting the demands of increasingly connected health and life science organizations with growing expectations. Hybrid cloud provides the best of both on-premise and public cloud without buying new hardware, refactoring, or re-platforming, while simultaneously leveraging existing investments, skillsets, and tools. This event will focus on real-world success stories and practical adoption strategies for enterprises to move to and optimize their cloud initiatives.


In an industry lagging in digital transformation, healthcare systems and life science enterprises are beginning to shift attitudes to cloud adoption. Ongoing concerns about security, privacy, and an overall distrust in cloud storage and processing have created barriers for healthcare professionals to realize the potential benefits of the cloud. Compliance and data privacy, driven by the need for better health outcomes, is leading to new insights and investments across these industries.

Who should attend:

Healthcare Payers, Providers, and Life Science Professionals interested in PHI security, privacy, and cloud implementation and optimization


  • About SoftServe Healthcare​
  • Why healthcare and life science needs hybrid cloud today
  • Real-world success story
  • Strategies for cloud adoption
  • Q & A, Next steps


November, 18, 2020, 10:00 AM CST


Cisco WebEx Digital Event

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