Machine Learning Operations (MLOps): Deploy at Scale


Jan 21, 2021


Online, Europe


This interactive, LIVE Wine Tasting event will showcase insights and an understanding of how companies can fully leverage and implement machine learning operations (MLOps). MLOps has a critical emerging role and has been named by Gartner as the future of data science, ML, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Producing ML training and serving workloads bring up new technological and operational challenges, such as model deployment, management, monitoring, optimization, and integrations.

Why join:

This LIVE Event will dive into what success looks like when deploying ML models, including training, at scale, and cover the emerging role of MLOps and the continuous value it will bring to your organization.

We will cover (among other things):

  • Current and emerging trends to understand data science, AI, and ML
  • Upcoming challenges and opportunities around MLOps

Volodymyr Solskyy, a senior data scientist at SoftServe will explain how his team is ready to serve and deliver MLOps to empower enterprise clients in the “new norm”.

Let’s dive deeper into best practice learnings and discuss where you are in your MLOps journey.

Who should attend:



January 21, 2021, 5 PM CEST


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