Node.JS Meet-up: Third-Party Integration Problems and Solutions


Jul 20, 2021


Ukraine - Online

The online event will be interested to developers who use Node.JS in practice, and will focus on the problems that arise in working with Third-Party integrations and their possible solutions.

Participation is free, but pre-registration is required.

Our speakers:

Dmitry Kornev, Full-Stack Lead Software Engineer, SoftServe;
With 5 years of professional experience, Dmitry managed to work with three main UI frameworks, developed a back-end on Node.JS, created mobile applications with React Native, co-authored a course with Node.JS in the online school RS School, designs services using Google Cloud Platform.

Sergey Panchenko, Lead Software Engineer, SoftServe;
Sergey has more than 6 years of experience in IT, participated in the creation of various products from small startups, B2B-applications to corporate platforms, worked on complex solutions for Pfizer and UN projects, is fond of DIY RC and loves mountains.

During the event there will be an opportunity to listen about:

19:00-19:05 intro:
- Agenda of the event and presentation of experts

19:05-19:35 Dmitry Kornev:
- Implementation of microspace architecture with NestJS. Custom transporters.
- Using an event-based approach based on Google PubSub.
- Use of cloud solutions from Google in SoftServe projects. Account technology stack.

19:35-20:05 Sergey Panchenko:
Today, almost every business uses one or another SaaS formula. We will consider an example of implementation of LMS system on the basis of SaaS.
- Pros / cons of using SaaS, review and practical use case.
- Third-party API performance issues and solutions.
- Logging and analytics in the Third-Party API.

20:05-20:30 Q&A and networking:
- And for more interesting networking, the last part of the event will be dedicated to the Q&A session, where our experts will answer the most pressing questions. By the way, you can specify them at the registration stage, when filling out the form.

See you online!

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