Space Robotics: Engineering of the Future


Sep 29, 2022



Рlanetary robotics, rovers, aerospace projects, lunar missions...sounds exciting, right?💥

Having launched Space Robotics at SoftServe, we decided to celebrate this occasion with a free online event dedicated to this direction.

Space Robotics

Two leading experts in the field of Space Robotics will share their knowledge and insights, talk about aerospace projects and lunar exploration, peek into the future tech and space trends.

And of course, we'll uncover more details about Space Robotics at SoftServe (spoiler: satellites and rovers will be on the list).

Register here:


"The Lunar Economy: a new way to explore the Moon and Cislunar space"

🎙️Speaker: Lutz Richter, Space Systems Consultant at SoftServe; Large Structures GmbH affiliate; expert in planetary robotics and systems engineering; the was involved in the Mars missions that lasted for over a decade and in several other planetary exploration missions.

"Applying COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) solution for aerospace projects"

🎙️Speaker: Dmytro Khmara, CTO & Co-Founder of Lunar Research Project; Co-Founder of Space Cossacks and MySat projects; finalist of Vernadsky Challenge and ActinSpace contest.

⌚When? 29.09, 5 PM СET / 6 PM EET

Webinar language: English

See you there!

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