In September-October, SoftServe hired a record number of employees

September and October 2020 were met by record growth for SoftServe.

September and October 2020 were met by record growth for SoftServe. In the first two autumn months, the company has hired more than 500 new associates in Ukraine, which is a record in the company's history.

The 2020 year was not easy for business in general, including the IT-sphere. Immediately after the pandemic announcement, some SoftServe customers reduced their orders or postponed work on new projects. However, the pandemic and lockdown have increased the demand for digital transformations and technological solutions in various fields, in the second half of the summer clients started to resume their suspended projects, new business cases have increased significantly. This allowed SoftServe to quickly return to the company's usual growth trajectory.

За перші два місяці осені компанія найняла понад 500 нових працівників в Україні, що є рекордним показником за всю історію компанії.

2020 був непростим для бізнесу загалом, в тому числі для ІТ. Одразу після оголошення пандемії деякі клієнти SoftServe зменшили об’єми замовлень або ж відтермінували роботу над новими проектами. Однак пандемія і локдаун актуалізували попит на цифрові трансформації та технологічні рішення у різних сферах, вже у другій половині літа вони почали відновлювати призупинені проекти, суттєво зросла частка нового бізнесу. Це дозволило SoftServe швидко повернутися на звичну компанії траєкторію росту.


«We have a diversified portfolio of clients from different industries, mostly large companies that quickly adapt to the new realities, understand how to manage their business in these new conditions, and find new opportunities for themselves, - says Konstantin Pylypchuk, Senior Vice President at SoftServe, - In addition, +500 new employees were hired in Ukraine, more than 500 actual vacancies. In the 3rd quarter of this year, we started working on projects for more than 30 new clients and we have over 900 active projects, which is even more than in the same period last year. "

Since the beginning of the year, SoftServe's key areas, including retail, healthcare, financial, and energy sectors, have seen a significant increase in demand for non-standard solutions due to the pandemic. For example, there is a demand for the development of various smart solutions in retail, such as a tool for monitoring social distance, digital health services (such as the unloading of first-rate doctors by chatbots using artificial intelligence instead), or big data platform development for working with a large amount of data on the symptoms of coronavirus among the population for medical and pharmaceutical companies. We experience a higher demand for innovations, experts in Data Science, AI / ML (artificial intelligence / machine learning), R&D engineers are becoming more and more in demand, and it also reflects the team's composition. Today one of the largest centers in Eastern Europe with IoT, AR \ VR \ MR, Big Data, Data Science, and Robotics with about 400 specialists has been formed at SoftServe.

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