HR Brand Award 2018: SoftServe project takes a winning place


On December 4, a final conference of HR Brand Award 2018 was held in Kyiv, which ended with the announcement of winners of annual leading HR initiatives contest. SoftServe’s project “Development of Employee Value Proposition for talent attraction and retention” took the 3rd place in the nomination “World”.

“Given that IT industry is one of the most dynamic and fast-growing, it dictates its own strict rules in terms of talent recruiting. The competition for the best people is very intense among IT companies,” said Anna Solohub, Director of HR Marketing, SoftServe. “At SoftServe, we hire one new associate every hour and the number of 300+ open vacancies is normal for us. Due to the company’s plan to continue rapid growth, our strategic priority is to build strong Employer Brand at all organizational levels to be able to attract and retain talents”.

In December 2017, SoftServe started working on Employee Value Proposition (EVP). It was aimed at discovering how the target audience perceives the company i.e. what employees expect from their jobs. Based on the results we planned to find cross points where their thoughts meet corporate values, find insights, develop EVP and incorporate it into all communication channels.

During the first stage, we conducted interviews with 80 employees in Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria, 54 external tech candidates and 40 company ex-employees. Gained data gave us a strong background for starting our work on EVP. The team involved representatives from HR Marketing, Global Marketing and independent creative company Fedoriv. After developing the concept we presented it to company top management and also to a focus group of employees to make sure it resonates with the team. After the presentation, we started incorporating new EVP into all our materials and channels: social media, career pages, events, internal communication platforms, ad campaigns, candidate journey content etc.

“As a result, we managed to design one platform for brand communications, style, a tone of voice and other attributes associated with SoftServe,” said Zenoviy Pavliuk, Senior Employer Brand Manager, SoftServe. “After the launch of EVP, we noticed the 49% growth of CVs submitted upon the initiative of candidates, as well as 23% growth of internal referrals. We plan to use this positive experience and translate it to other markets where the company operates, including Poland and Bulgaria”.

This is the third year in a row that SoftServe participates and takes recognition in HR Brand Award. Last year the company’s project “Digital solutions for engaging employees into managing the company” won in nomination “Business Transformation: Digital Solutions and Innovations” as well as recognition from HR provider SmartSolutiоns in the nomination “Smart Tool for Smart People”. In 2017, SoftServe won the 1st place with its project “Learning Ecosystem” in the category “World”.