SoftServe Introduces Production Control Tower (PCT) for Manufacturers

Next-Gen Factory Analytics Designed for Quick and Precise Operational Decisions

AUSTIN, Texas (Feb. 21, 2024)SoftServe, a premier IT consulting and digital services provider, today announced the launch of its innovative Production Control Tower (PCT) solution. PCT equips manufacturing teams with intuitive dashboards of the data insights and production metrics they need to make better data-driven decisions. PCT streamlines data collection, replaces paper forms with digital versions, and transforms Excel-based reports into user-friendly, interactive formats.

"With the rapidly evolving industrial landscape, we realized the need for a strategic solution that allows factory directors to manage their operations with exceptional ease and efficiency," said Guy Merritt, Manufacturing Industry Vice President of Solutions and Consulting at SoftServe.

From monitoring production schedules to streamlining work order performance, PCT offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to fit the demands of modern manufacturing plants, including:

  • Factory Metrics Analysis: Analyze OEE, performance, and quality for operational insights.
  • Production Quality Analysis: Analyze metrics (scrap rate, first pass yield) at various levels or conduct root-cause analysis of defects.
  • OEE Metrics Analysis: Analyze OEE metrics and components on the factory line level or investigate equipment downtime/uptime details.
  • Production Metrics Recommendations: Get actionable insights for production performance improvements.
  • Quality Checklists Preparation: Prepare digital checklists for production quality inspections.
  • Production Quality Checks: Conduct digital production quality inspections.

"What sets Production Control Tower apart is its seamless integration into existing operations and its robust capability to provide actionable insights that drive continuous improvements,” Merritt said. “Our clients have already reported productivity increases, and we're excited to see them unlock new growth opportunities."

To learn more about SoftServe's Production Control Tower, please visit this webpage.

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