SoftServe launches strategic Gen AI program to drive employee productivity


LVIV, Ukraine (April 18, 2024) - SoftServe starts integrating Gen AI tools into the real work of development teams on client projects. After conducting a large-scale internal study that showed the ability of generative artificial intelligence to increase the productivity of SDLC teams by up to 45% and speed up project development time by 30%, the company introduced Gen AI tools into the work of its employees.

Currently, AI technology is being used by teams on nine pilot projects in the financial sector, manufacturing, retail, and other industries. The teams took a two-week training program learning to use Gen AI tools. The training included an analysis of team processes, tasks, and offered specialized prompt sets to ensure the best results. The first results show positive dynamics. The time spent on software development was reduced by 20%, Quality Control by 25%, Test Automation by 20%, and the creation of technical documentation by 17%.

The tools used by the teams include GitHub Copilot, CodeWhisperer, Duet AI for programming, and ChatGPT, MS Copilot 365 for text generation, and NEO Platform, an AI-based enterprise web platform.

In addition, the company has also started developing Gen AI assistants for specific specializations such as software architecture, business analysis, and QA/QC engineering. Assistants can automate the entire clusters of processes related to a particular area. An example of such a solution is an assistant for software architects. The AI assistant helps with project documentation and strategy, automates and improves these processes, clarifies essential project requirements, generates architectural solutions, decomposes work, and builds an action plan. The tool uses a customized ChatGPT and is trained on the best practices of software design. Thus, with using this assistant, the architects' productivity in creating documentation increases by up to 30% on average.

"Generative AI is a revolutionary idea that can significantly affect the productivity of various business areas. Our goal is to utilize the potential of this technology to the fullest, specifically in the direction of specialists' productivity at all stages of the software development cycle. At SoftServe, we have started this process - from training teams, selecting individual and team tools, consulting on their use on projects, tracking results, and creating special customer offers. I am confident that generative AI will help us exceed all customer expectations in terms of increasing the productivity of development teams," comments Dmytro Ovcharenko, GenAI Practice Director, SoftServe.

By the end of the year, the company plans to scale the use of Generative AI to a hundred client projects involving 1000+ specialists. At the same time, the company continues to research new tools and formats of interaction with AI to maximize the productivity of development teams further.

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