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SoftServe Recognized at the 2022 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Leadership Development Awards

AUSTIN, TX - October 11, 2022—SoftServe, a leading digital authority and consulting company, has won a silver medal in the Best Advance in Senior Manager Development category at the 2022 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Leadership Development Awards. The company has been recognized for its Delivery Directors Learning Program (DDLP)—a unique, in-house leadership program offered through SoftServe’s learning ecosystem, SoftServe University.

DDLP introduces the delivery director’s role and helps managers master fundamental skills through practical scenario training. The program has six modules and lasts six months. Topics include personnel development, financial management, new market expansion, and client communications.

Classes are led by active delivery directors and other company leaders, giving students instruction through applied learning that highlights best practices and customer case studies. Participants review theory and practical integration and are assigned tasks at the end of each module to solve real-world challenges devised by a business unit. Currently, 51% of SoftServe delivery directors have graduated from the program.

“Professional development programming remains a top priority for the company,” says Galyna Datsiv, VP of Learning and Development at SoftServe. “Our Delivery Directors Leadership Program is an instrument of this mission and helps employees gain the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute to company growth and development goals.”

As an employer of choice, SoftServe is committed to providing employees with an abundance of career development services. SoftServe University offers learning solutions for leaders at various levels, including QC leads, project managers, delivery directors, vice presidents, sales managers, financial leaders, and HR leaders. Programs support onboarding to master new roles and further improve performance.

This is the second consecutive year SoftServe was recognized at the Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Leadership Development Awards. In 2021, SoftServe won Gold in the Best Advance in Coaching and Mentoring nomination.

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