HR Brand award 2019: SoftServe project takes a winning place in the nomination for World


On December 12, the results of the competition for the most progressive HR initiatives were announced. SoftServe project “A successful start career in IT” was ranked # 1 in the nomination “World”.

The Skillotron project by DataArt was awarded second place, the third place went to the Interpipe Skillotron project.

A successful start career in IT is a systemic and large-scale SoftServe project aimed at initiating systemic transformations in higher technical education. In particular, the company is working to popularize the profession among pupils and students and get them interested in working in the IT field; provide more opportunities for students to acquire quality and modern knowledge - both within and outside the university program; help talented young people to start careers in IT.

“We have a comprehensive program through which we interact with educational institutions, pupils and students, and the IT environment in general. This allows us to increase the level of knowledge required for beginners in the IT profession, to attract talented youth and for many years to be one of the most desirable employers in Ukraine, ”- Galyna Datsiv, Vice President of SoftServe Training and Staff Development.

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In general, SoftServe has been working to improve IT education for many years. The company is involved in developing the new universities curricula, opens electives in technical disciplines, equips IoT laboratories, robotics, etc.

Among the new training formats implemented by SoftServe over the past year are summer / winter IT schools, R&D and Social incubators (scholarship program), electives and additional university-based SoftServe training courses, about 150 conferences / myths / workshops / hackathons per year.

According to the SoftServe project results in 2018, the company became the first job for 1,148 junior-level beginners (+ 60% compared to 2017, and the highest IT market leader in Ukraine). Each year, SoftServe Academy prepares about 1,000 graduates for a number of IT courses, 70% of whom are invited to work for the company. In total, since 2005, over 10,000 students have graduated from the SoftServe IT Academy.

SoftServe participates in the HR-Brand Award for the fourth time and wins for the fourth time. Last year, SoftServe's “Development of Employee Value Proposition for talent attraction and retention” took the 3rd place in the nomination “World”.

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