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Anomaly Detection


You could uncover trends and irregularities in your campaigns, programs, and teams—quickly and effortlessly?

SoftServe built a reliable and scalable tool that enables users to quickly detect anomalies in time series data—without explicitly defining normal and abnormal criteria. The solution uncovers hidden patterns such as trends and seasonal fluctuations and identifies events and issues that do not conform to expected behavior.



Financial Services, Retail, Energy, Manufacturing


Anomaly detection, marketing campaign optimization, time-series forecasting


  • Identifies complex patterns in time-series, including seasonality, trends, and changing behavior for all variable types
  • Learns expected or normal patterns without the need for domain-specific knowledge
  • Eliminates the need for multiple data mining tools for tremendous time and cost savings
  • Enables exploratory data analysis through built-in visualization
  • Easily scalable across a wide range of configurations
  • Collects user feedback and adjusts knowledge to provide more accurate predictions
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