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App Allows Customers to Remotely Monitor and Control Lithium-ion Power Stations

Our client is a key player in the mobile and home power storage space. Its lithium-ion based power station runs all essential devices with clean, robust power. They operate without the noise, fumes, fuel, and maintenance of traditional gasoline-powered generators. By integrating all of the essential power management functions into a single portable device, the lithium-ion based power station represents a breakthrough in mobile, clean power solutions for use by anyone in situations where gas generators were previously the only solution.

Business Challenge

Leveraging the successful launch of the initial versions of its product line, the client identified several key features that would provide additional value to customers in this segment. One of the most significant—bringing the units into the IoT future through wireless communication.

Project Description

The client collaborated with SoftServe to develop a solution that would allow customers to remotely monitor and control the unit with a smartphone app through the ‘cloud’ as well as directly when an internet connection was not available.

The SoftServe team analyzed the need, timeline, and then proposed an architecture vision based on the React Native mobile application (client) and Amazon IoT infrastructure as server-less solution (backend), and device firmware based on Mongoose OS.

During the analysis, the team identified the potential to extend main functional features to smart watch platforms.

Value Delivered

As a result of the collaboration, the SoftServe team extended the client’s existing solution to integrate with the Apple Watch app, which could not be created using React Native technology—instead it was written on native Swift language.

  • React Native app and Apple Watch app communicate via the Apple Watch Connectivity framework and self-created React Native plugins
  • Data synchronization between the mobile app and watch app
  • UI/UX experience on watch app
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