Assess and Mitigate Data Privacy Risks

Our client uses artificial intelligence to provide digital identification services for government entities. They are responsible for a large number of payment transactions and must securely store high volumes of sensitive personal data. Our client’s IT infrastructure is highly complex, with varying levels of information sensitivity distributed across private clouds and virtual private clouds.

To ensure their data remained secure, SoftServe compiled an assessment report to detect, analyze, and mitigate possible security risks and vulnerabilities in our client’s IT infrastructure.

After a thorough assessment of our client’s security infrastructure, SoftServe provided:

  • An extensive security report that covered vulnerabilities and risks
  • Information and insights regarding how to analyze and mitigate future risks and the recommendation of a future governance model for development processes
  • The foundation for new security infrastructure
  • A technical remediation plan

SoftServe developed a security governance program that exploited client vulnerabilities before delivering a solution that solved the risks we uncovered. We provided recommendations for adjusting risk-based approach to controls in development processes. The dedicated SoftServe team also conducted knowledge-sharing sessions to educate our client’s team on how to avoid and mitigate future risks.

We started by gathering information about our client’s infrastructure from open sources. We discovered potential entry points an attacker could use to gain infrastructure access. We then reported these findings to the client and, with their consent, exploited the vulnerabilities to simulate a hacking attack on their infrastructure.

Vulnerability detection simulations were run for:

  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Payment processes
  • AI identification
  • Infrastructure security
  • Employer's security awareness
  • Compliance security
  • Sensitive data storage

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