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Accelerate Business Performance, Reduce Risks, and Optimize Cloud Investments

Cloud is no longer just a technology— it's a destination for banks to store data, applications, and access advanced products-as-a-service from leading public cloud providers. However, to ensure maximum value from cloud investments, companies need to break down operational silos across risk, finance, and regulatory.

Here is how we ensured this for one of the largest, centuries-old banking service providers in Northern Europe. Our client was striving to accelerate its business performance by adopting a vendor agnostic approach while using public cloud technologies.

The company focused on a multi-cloud strategy to ensure quality, reduce risks, optimize investments, and accelerate processes. The key priority was to make sure cloud service providers are managed properly, and investments are made in the most cost-efficient way. This required thorough analysis and a highly tailored optimization approach.

SoftServe started its cooperation with the client as an independent technology advisor. Through a series of workshops and stakeholder interviews, we’ve identified the client’s most critical security and technical pain points, suggested effective optimization scenarios, and estimated their potential value. Our team also defined the scope, efforts, and justification for potential projects from technological and business perspectives.

Our comprehensive review uncovered the need to simplify and standardize new application environment deployments companywide. The company’s former fragmented approach to automation introduced increasing levels of complexity due to isolated and unconnected processes and tools. To break down these silos and unlock automation value, the client needed to ensure enterprise-wide governance and transform automation tooling into a seamless value chain.

This included enabling automated deployments and cost savings by making these environments replicable. It was also crucial to ensure architecture compliance with industry-specific safety protocols and security guidelines.

Risk Mitigation


  • 2x faster product time-to-market
  • Compliance with European fintech security standards
  • Reduced technical application complexity by removing legacy tooling and introducing a unified approach for production deployments
  • Enhanced disaster recovery
  • Faster and more efficient risk mitigation
  • Reduced projected costs by 30%


  1. During discovery, our team provided technical advisory services to identify our client’s primary goals, needs, and priorities.
  2. Following evaluation, SoftServe built a comprehensive implementation strategy and a detailed project roadmap. The progress and roadmap itself were regularly reviewed and measured against defined KPIs to ensure the right cloud providers and effective cost management.
  3. With map in hand, we lead the client transformation and executed implementation with a focus on the following project streams:


Our team used Terraform to write the code and create modules, allowing for infrastructure provisioning in AWS environments. We defined the triggers and deployed Lambda functions to automatically run the code when needed—a cost-effective way to utilize compute time and resources with the objective of reducing risks of human errors.

The team used Jenkins to develop and implement the workflow and management of Terraform modules in a unified, standardized, and automated fashion.


Our team developed and implemented fine-grained condition-based policies to ensure limitations were acknowledged and considered, quickly detecting violations and effectively rejecting them.


The SoftServe team provided a comprehensive list of security recommendations and implemented critical controls, ensuring full compliance with the CIS (Common Internet Security) standard and AWS security best practices.

As a result, we simplified the client’s disaster recovery procedures, made infrastructure changes controllable and auditable, and ensured that environments are secure and reproducible.

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