Automating Data Migration for Business Management System Enhancement

Our client is a leader in software, services, information and connectivity solutions that empower physicians and other healthcare providers to deliver best-in-class patient care, safety, clinical outcomes and financial results.

Business Challenge

Our client needed to enhance their business management system, so they developed a new highly scalable Practice Management system. Migrating data from a Practice Management system to the new solution can be a long and complicated process, therefore the company partnered with SoftServe to design and implement a solution for automating the migration of data.

Project Description

The SoftServe and the client’s team performed the following actions:

  • Developed a concept of “pluggable data connectors” and “a data migration constructor”
  • Developed a data validation tool
  • Completed the synchronization/merging process to reapply a custom configuration after the data migration

Value Delivered

The client received a hi ghly efficient data migration process ensuring the following business advantages:

  • Data migration with minimal interruption to customers’ businesses
  • High level of automation to complete the system configuration/migration/integration independently via a self-directed application wizard
  • Understandable and self-explanatory migration logs to help quickly define and isolate any discrepancy that may occur during the migration process.
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