Build a Talent Pool of Software Development Resources

Using outsourced development and IT resources has become a standard form of business for all sizes of software companies. Especially during global uncertainty, using advanced, highly-trained resources allows companies to continue or re-prioritize development projects.

As software vendors and enterprises adjust to the changes this unprecedented year has brought, the need to continue business initiatives using expert resources and knowledgeable personnel increases. To survive, companies must optimize expenditures, enable core business focus, solve capacity issues, and access intellectual capital. The cost of lacking the correct software development resources is clear, and not all are created equal.


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Determining the correct resources, for the development project, and ensuring expert resources will provide better outcomes. With SoftServe’s Engineering Excellence models, we prepare candidates to be the perfect match for a project, and define, implement, supervise, and monitor software development standards to deliver project and people excellence.

People are at the heart of our SOFTtware SERVEices. The interconnection, relationship, and proper evaluation are critical to achieving organizational goals. Building an excellent pool of resources, ready when needed, requires communication, empowerment, respect, and honesty. To learn more, read the trends report: The Perfect Engineering Storm: Software Development Trends.

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