Custom Mobile Solutions for Field Sales Representatives

Our client is an industry leader providing quality residential and commercial security solutions to help individuals protect their homes.

Business Challenge

The company relied on a door-to-door sales model as one of the primary revenue drivers for their retail business strategy. It resulted in high Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and inefficiencies that jeopardized the scalability of their retail business and competitive advantage.

Project Description

The company partnered with SoftServe to automate and optimize key work processes for their field sales representatives and technical support staff. This was accomplished by creating a set of custom mobile solutions, fully integrated with the company’s back office systems.

Value Delivered

The key business values included:

  • Total savings of more than one million dollars annually.
  • Decreasing costs on post sales data entry.
  • Lowering reject rates and increasing sales close rates by more than 7%.
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