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Provenance Data

Provenance Data Systems (PDS) offers Pinpoint Feedback, the second solution within a suite of tools designed for companies to obtain real-time feedback from customers. Pinpoint Feedback is not an “app,” but rather, a software solution that harnesses communication methods people use to allow companies to engage in the burgeoning field of conversational commerce.

Project Objectives

PDS wanted to establish a relationship between their applications with a common data platform. This relationship would break data silos and provide the ability to use that data across various applications. PDS required a technology stack to accommodate the integration of applications and platforms and help them accomplish their business strategy.


  • Lack of customer feedback
  • Inability to implement cutting-edge software, either open-source or SaaS-based
  • Data access was needed for the software to run efficiently


PDS needed an application programming interface (API)-driven solution that did not require intensive engineering to scale and add new applications. They required a broader pool of resources on an as-needed basis to support a technology stack that aligned with their ongoing business strategy. Specifically, PDS needed a seamless data transfer between applications to collect customer feedback and provide an exceptional user experience for their customers.

SoftServe took on an ownership mentality of our business. Not many companies in this day and age are willing to do that.” - Ronald Creatore, Founder, PDS

SoftServe was asked to build two products: the PDS platform and its first application. Both the platform and the application had to exchange data via API and integrate into artificial intelligence, cognitive services, machine learning, and multi-channel communication services.

SoftServe has deep expertise and responsive knowledge to help the PDS team develop solutions. In addition to defining PDS’s tech stack, SoftServe built a customer feedback Architecture Roadmap.


SoftServe decreased the need for intensive engineering by building a seamless API-driven solution that broke down data silos. SoftServe saved future development time by building a scalable, API-driven technology architecture and customer feedback application.

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