E-commerce Point of Sale Solution

Our client is a socially conscious luxury brand, which produces designer rugs and textiles. The main sales channels are B2B e-commerce and tradeshows. Field sales play a considerable role in the company’s revenue generation and product distribution.

This requires a robust POS software platform to be seamlessly integrated into existing e-commerce systems. The client's legacy POS solution had many limitations and required excessive manual work by sales reps. Content managers and sales reps were forced to double efforts by manually copy data from one system to the other.

Our client needed a software solution that would effectively support and improve existing and future business processes connected with field sales.


SoftServe analyzed existing solution platforms and compared them against the client’s needs and costs. A shortlist of solutions was compared and demonstrated. SoftServe landed with the winning solution and prepared a POC demonstrating:

  • Broad customization capabilities.
  • Coverage of most use cases out of the box.
  • Integration with existing systems and new systems in the future.
  • Seamless scalability without additional costs when more sales reps are needed.

SoftServe’s fast and customizable solution resulted in:

  • Reduced implementation costs: more than 70% of use cases are pre-built in the solution.
  • Saved costs by reusing the existing marketplace of Magento extensions for POS integrations.
  • Lower implementation costs ($80– $100K compared to alternative solutions).
  • Faster result delivery (3–4 months faster compared to custom builds or alternative solutions).
  • Support of the company’s growth strategy.
  • A Progressive Web Apps (PWA) solution which provides an almost native mobile experience to iOS, Android, and desktop users.

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