Enterprise Content Management System

Our client is a privately held computer software company that develops and sells enterprise software to international clients. The company creates and deploys software solutions that reduce cost, mitigate risk, and improve service delivery throughout the IT lifecycle. Additionally, the company provides comprehensive solutions in the following areas:
  • Cloud—suite of products to plan, build, and manage cloud platforms
  • Metadata and content management
  • Systems solutions that include a wide variety of products from performance management, workload automation, application management, and service quality and control
  • Business Challenge

The challenge of managing corporate content has never been greater. Most of the organization’s valuable information is in the form of documents such as business forms, reports, memos, policy statements, and contracts. Also, most business processes are based on or driven by document flows.

This increased the volume and variety of corporate content, while expanding its distribution. In short, this changes the way the organization does business. To keep up with this pace of change—and to thrive—companies need a new approach to content management.

Project Description

The client’s product suite is a modular, integrated content management system for consuming, assembling, inte grating, delivering, and storing documents. It provides a unified document output, print, and customer communication management solution for enterprises of all sizes.

The product suite removes the barriers that prevent organizations from attaining an ideal state of knowledge about the content and how it is managed. The suite’s common architecture and secure repository permits information to flow between disparate applications and information technologies—as if they were designed to work together from the beginning. These unique capabilities give users straightforward and painless access to information as needed and streamline business processes, eliminating limitations and issues imposed by multiple platforms, operating systems, file systems, applications, and devices.

SoftServe worked with the client on a dedicated team model and provided software development and quality control services. As part of the project evaluation, SoftServe provided analysis and made suggestions for improvements to the QC process—both manual and automated—and helped create the architecture vision for future upgrades.

Value Delivered

Through this collaboration, SoftServe delivered the following value to the client:

  • Viewed and used the content contained in any document created by the business, regardless of the source.
  • Captured and stored all content, regardless of the format, application, or environment in which it was created.
  • Enhanced the management, accessibility, analysis, and distribution of content.
  • Parsed, bundled, and distributed content based on user security privileges.
  • Modular—used only the modules needed for the environment.
  • Availability to any document (Word, spreadsheet, report, PDF, blueprint, fax, picture) internally or externally generated.
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