Level 3 Support, Platform Development, and Professional Services Provided for IT Management Solutions

Our client, a leader in software defined IT operations, provides visibility into the entire IT stack—from network devices to applications. The company collects machine data to build real-time IT service models that train machine learning algorithms to predict and eliminate outages in hybrid IT environments reducing downtime and IT spend.

Business Challenge

As a leader in Software defined IT operations, our client faced strong competition in the market. In order to build on their success and maintain a leadership position, they must:

  • Increase market share
  • Deliver innovation
  • Provide on premise and cloud balance

Project Description

The client offers an open source IT management solution with a single, web-based console enabling users to manage the status and health of the infrastructure. The solution provides an in-depth inventory and IT configuration database created by discovering managed resources—servers, networks, and other devices—in the IT environment.

The resulting configuration model provided a complete inventory of servers, network devices, and software applications down to the level of resource components—interfaces, services and processes, and installed software. Once the solution discovers the IT infrastructure, it automatically begins monitoring the performance of each device. Also, it provides events and fault management features that tie into the configuration database. These features help drive operational efficiency and productivity by automating many of the notification, alerts, escalation, and remediation tasks performed daily.

The client identified several goals for its business and collaborated with SoftServe to help achieve them. This included:

  • L3 support service—help client support their customers and close customer specific issues and/or concerns as quickly as possible.
  • Extension development service—cooperate with the client to research industry trends and new technologies and then extended the solution based on the findings. This allows the client to keep up with market trends to keep existing customers happy and open the door for new prospects.
  • Platform development—partner with the client to improve and support the platform.
  • Professional services—collaborate with the client’s team to provide custom services for a specific customer. This helps the client’s customers to close business needs and grow their business.

Technology Stack

Python/Zope Redis
Java HBase/Hadoop/ZooKeeper
Databases(ZODB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Neo4J) ElasticSearch
RabbitMQ ZooKeeper
Twisted Go
AngularJS ExtJS
Google Protocol Buffers CSS/HTML/XML
SNMP JavaScript
Docker Azure
Jenkins Cucumber

Value Delivered

As a result of the collaboration, the SoftServe team delivered the following value to the client:

  • Platform support and extension
  • Plugin implementation
  • Product features customization under specific end-client needs
  • Market trends research and implementation
  • Product testing
  • Product automated testing
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