Management System Speeds Healthcare Auditing Cycle

Our client specializes in providing compliance audit services to healthcare institutions. These services include a state assessment of the institution’s activity, the identification of areas that are noncompliant with regulations, and a provided recommendation of corrective actions to be applied for processes optimization.

The client provid es different types of audit services, which include but are not limited to: HIPAA/HITECH, OSHA, DOJ, CC-OIG, and more.

For permanent customers, a periodic follow-up audit occurs as part of annual consulting services contract.

Business Challenge

Providing comprehensive compliance services requires a lot of paperwork and tedious manual tracking from both the auditor and the client.

The client wanted to implement an audit management system capable of creating electronic audit surveys, automating audit processes, and keeping track of all examinations and their outcomes. Such a system would help them to streamline workflows, make tracking recommendations more efficient, and enable easy information retrieval from previous audit records.

In addition to the audit process, the client would also have access to repository of all compliance-related documentation, interactive manuals, and useful reference materials.

Project Solution

The implemented Regulatory Compliance Management System (RCMS) platform consisted of two key sub-systems with a shared backend:

  • RCMS – A web-based application that allowed the client to carry out all tasks related to audit preparation, audit execution, audit outcomes review, and management, as well as supplementary functionality.
  • Audit App – A native iOS app which provided the functionality for audit execution, audit outcome review, and risk management plans for the customer. The solution works in both online and offline modes.

The RCMS also supports a uni-directional interface with Salesforce CRM for importing a client data base.

SoftServe’s Business Analysis team was a key player in the solution’s success.

Their work included:

  • Ownership of enterprise analysis & business requirement elicitation process;
  • The definition of the MVP (minimum viable product) requi rements and project scope;
  • Consultation and requirements communication sessions with team members;
  • Product related SCRUM meetings;
  • Preparation of vision and scope, as well as functional, and non-functional requirements;
  • Management of request change processes;
  • Prioritization of feature development and the management of product backlog;
  • And the design, testing, validation, and demonstration of the delivered solution.

Value Delivered

The solution provided by SoftServe allowed the client to perform audits in an efficient and timely manner. They were then able to easily track and fulfill results, retain and retrieve information about any audit component, and provide clients with easy access to the necessary data and documentation.

Upon the successful implementation of the RCMS system, the client was able to:

  • Create reusable electronic audit surveys;
  • Implement automated generic audit processes, managing them within one unified framework to prevent data loss;
  • Easily track and retrieve all information collected during pre-audit, audit, and post-audit activities (corrective actions);
  • And reduce the amount of time spent on each audit cycle.

The implemented RCMS allowed the client to provide convenient and useful web and mobile solutions that helped the company to keep its leading position on the market.

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