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Monetize Your API, Unlock New Revenue Streams

Our client is a leading worldwide water technology company, providing highly efficient water technologies, industrial pumps, and application solutions.

The company was looking for a trusted digital consulting partner to access data through their APIs and connectors and unlock new revenue streams.

SoftServe’s mission? Identify opportunities and ensure the solution’s feasibility based on real business use cases. During the discovery phase, our cross-functional team:

  • Analyzed the current state, existing barriers, infrastructure, competitors, and organizational structure
  • Evaluated five partner systems, their technical compatibility, and readiness to integrate with the client’s API management platform
  • Created API inventory (based on the APIs from partner systems) 
  • Defined solution scope, KPIs, and built a PoC for an API platform with three main experience APIs
  • Defined the platform’s PoV (Proof of Value) and delivered a comprehensive monetization strategy
Platform's PoV

SoftServe selected MuleSoft Anypoint as the best-fit platform for building a secure and functional API product based on the client’s needs and our comprehensive comparison matrix.

Our team also recorded short demos to help the client showcase the platform's value to the C-level executives.

The value delivered included:

  • A monetization scenario and new revenue stream enablement
  • Proof-of-value demonstrating usability of the API portal
  • Change management strategy to substitute existing systems
  • Support for multiple subscription options for users

Looking for an efficient solution to enable enhanced API connectivity and faster ROI? 

LET’S TALK about how SoftServe can help you drive an increase to your bottom line through an efficient monetization strategy.

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