More Effective Customer Acquisition with the Salesforce Service Platform

Enterprises can struggle with fully optimizing all that Salesforce has to offer to achieve their goals. Such was the case with our global commercial real estate client who provides flexible shared workspaces to other companies ranging from technology startups to Fortune 500s.

Their Sales Cloud was configured inefficiently, leading to systematic data loss and decreasing customer acquisition.


Even worse, this client was paying to support Salesforce features and functionalities they didn’t use, wasting extensive efforts to maintain a customized platform, and defying industry standards while overpaying for their CI/CD solution.

SoftServe’s challenge was how to properly configure and customize the client’s Salesforce platform to:

  • Enhance sales team’s efficiency and effectiveness
  • Drive a well-structured sales process
  • Reduce the cost of system maintenance and support
  • Set up improved CI/CD using technologies aligned with industry standards

To increase the quality, speed and win-rate of the company’s sales teams and ensure the most effective sales processes, SoftServe reconfigured their Sales Cloud functionalities and built a proof-of-concept solution based on Salesforce CPQ.

Once implemented, these changes led to dramatic results:

  • Increased system flexibility
  • $1M per year cost-reduction
  • Flattening of the learning curve for new team members, leading to better and more effective onboarding
  • An intuitive interface for end users that followed best practices for sales
  • Simplified platform thanks to reduced customization allows for easier upgrades and new feature maintenance

SoftServe’s expertise went beyond just cutting costs. It transformed the client’s Salesforce interface, simplified the system, and improved their overall effectiveness and efficiency.

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