Optimize Ecommerce and Accelerate Sales

Our client produces personalized skin care for discerning customers that’s clean, smart, and vegan. The client made significant investments in technology by developing a web-based, algorithm-driven skincare test that delivers personal skincare recommendations to each client.

The rest of their online retail experience was not as seamless and our client was challenged by an ecommerce system built across a patchwork of applications, overly-complex coding, and integrations that prevented fast, meaningful improvements.


SoftServe built a better solution that:

  • Saved time with an easy-to-change Shopify store front that does not require technical knowledge to maintain. Updates take minutes instead of days.
  • Improved customer experience with optimized web performance and speed.
  • Created transparency across campaigns with the integration of a single marketing tool.

SoftServe simplified the client’s retail system by making Shopify their main ecommerce tool delivering:

  • Better branding using theme development
  • Page speed optimization
  • SEO optimization
  • Multi-language support

To further improve the customer experience, SoftServe implemented:

  • Google Optimize installed as a primary A/B test tool validated with 25+ A/B campaigns
  • MailChimp integration to create a single marketing platform

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