Financial Services

Payments Using Augmented Reality

What if you could use smart glasses to securely perform a core financial operation without the need of carrying cash, a credit card, or even a smartphone? Maybe you are looking at an item on the storefront shelves and you want to get an instant hovering, virtual description, including price, payment options and return policy?

Well, SoftServe’s Financial Services Lab and the R&D team have made augmented reality (AR) a certain reality for personal finance. Our AR card app allows customers to easily manage their day-to-day financial and shopping activities.

All the required information appears in front of the user’s eyes as they walk through a shop or show particular interest in a product. By recognizing objects, which appear as markers, the AR app is able to display prices and perform transactions. Effectively, it allows a banking or shopping experience that would layer simulated information over physical products.

As consumers are asking for a more convenient and immersive experience from their financial institutions, it is becoming evident from research data that there is a steady rise in the use of wearable AR devices, even more so in the fintech industry.


Use Cases

Flexibility – The app is completely hands-free. A virtual credit card appears in your palm when required, allowing the consumer to securely interact with sensitive data using an intuitive menu.

Seamless baking experience – Through natural gestures consumers are able to check account balances, pay bills on the go, and perform P2P money transfers.

Personalization – Deals and offers can be uncovered and stored as bank customers use their smartphone camera to document real-life surroundings.

Enhanced security – The app replaces the need for physical cards, and hence helps to eradicate:

  • Electronic or Manual Credit Card Imprints
  • CNP (Card Not Present) Fraud
  • “Skimming” Counterfeit Card Fraud
  • Lost and Stolen Card Fraud, or Card ID theft


AR education, AR banking, AR shopping, complex finance operations , digital twins, and financial gamification.