Pulse Detection


You could track the user’s feelings based on pulse detection using an inexpensive camera—all in real-time?

Emotion is relatively easy to track from expression, but how valuable would it be to detect an increased heart rate from less obvious facial changes—while using practically any camera?

SoftServe is already exploring the possibilities of remote pulse monitoring software, providing accuracy that rivals state-of-the-art wearables. Our AI-powered optical solution tracks micro-color changes on the user’s forehead area with the help of a web camera to enable real-time, contactless pulse detection.



Retail, Healthcare, Automotive


Audience response, shopper response, emotion recognition, stress detection, empathetic experience assurance, telemedicine, driver assistance


  • Tracks micro-color and micro-offset changes on the forehead between heartbeats
  • Eliminates the need for additional sensors on the user’s body
  • Accuracy of optical pulse detection differs from Apple Watch by less than 5%
  • Precise pulse detection from the forehead is possible even with a $20 web camera
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