Financial Services

Reporting & Analytics for a Leading Eastern European Bank

Our client is an Eastern European bank that is a market leader in all key indicators. Their company operates offices in the 17 largest cities across Eastern Europe and attracts a large amount of clients for factoring services throughout their branches.

Business Challenge

Our client experienced rapid growth for the last few years through acquisitions. In order to keep their position leading the market, they needed a solution for the effective man agement of back-office operations. The main challenges they faced were:

  • Poor IT infrastructure
  • New staff, immature processes, frequent requirement changes
  • Lack of expertise within IT projects
  • Overdependence on formality

Project Description

SoftServe analyzed and deconstructed existing business processes during the design phase. Then business analysts proposed new business processes, specifying business and solution requirements. Addressing the client’s need for flexibility and adaptability, SoftServe proposed a solution based on a business process management suite. The system was designed using a task-driven concept, with the application leading the user through steps and gathering information through each of them. SoftServe also proposed a new IT infrastructure with an integration platform based on an enterprise service bus (ESB) architecture that allowed the client to focus on business processes and avoid technical and architectural issues.

Business Value

The solution reduced costs and increased the speed of development and maintenance. It also allowed for the quick and easy launch of rapid changes to processes, products and services, commissions, and deferments.

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