SaaS / Cloud Applications with Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Leveraging cloud technologies not only improves operational efficiencies—it can potentially transform entire business models. Rapidly scale your business and get flexible deployment options with the cloud, delivering new SaaS applications and functionality to market faster while reducing your total cost of ownership.

SoftServe is an Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network.

Let SoftServe design and implement your cloud-based applications. With our cloud-enabled transformation services, we guide our clients from vision to execution, increasing business value and exceeding expectations. SoftServe is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner with expertise in architecture, design, and SaaS application development within the AWS infrastructure platform.


We design solutions that are tailored to your business, delivering higher availability, geographic reach, cost savings, and business continuity.

  • Architecture and design for AWS-based SaaS applications
  • Services and frameworks to run applications on AWS
  • Development and deployment services for SaaS applications in the cloud
  • Cloud provisioning management for bandwidth and infrastructure
  • Application and data security for applications hosted by AWS


SoftServe creates new SaaS solutions, providing both support and maintenance for all the major stages of the product lifecycle, from concept design to maintenance and support.

  • SaaS application based on CNA (Cloud Native Applications) consisting of 1000+ nodes with use of EC2, Elastic Container Service (ECS) or Managed Kubernetes Service (EKS), Availability Zones, Elastic Load Balancing


  • Data management systems that rely on Redshift, Elasticsearch, S3, RDS and DynamoDB, ElastiCache


  • Mission critical SaaS applications with zero-downtime that are based on using Elastic Load Balancing, Cloud Front, Cloud Formation, and Cloud Watch


  • Fully automated infrastructure using HashiCorp Terraform over AWS, orchestrators (Ansible, Chef, Puppet), AWS OpsWorks


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