Financial Services

Sales-Enhancement Tool Development for InsureTech Company

Our client is a financ ial company founded by technology-addicted professionals with the goal to create services that would provide a new level of online insurance services for both users (agents, brokers, providers etc.) and their clients.

Business Challenge

The client aimed to create intuitive online services that would empower agents, producers, brokerage general agents, financial institutions, and providers to boost sales in the insurance segment and bring new digital experience to business decision makers. The focus was on developing a product that would simplify the work of insurance representatives while creating a final proposition to their clients. The key challenge of the project was comparing, structuring, and analyzing the transactional data received from different providers.

Project Description

SoftServe partnered with the client to create a one-of-a-kind sales accelerating platform for the insurance industry. It needed to provide real-time information dashboards, mobile support, high impact sales content, and insurance-specific CRM across customers’ businesses. SoftServe provided a full stack of activities when developing the product including:

  • Architecture assessment and design
  • Configuration management
  • DevOps and maintenance
  • Development and migration (as necessary)
  • And quality control with full technical support

Value Delivered

The platform developed by SoftServe significantly increased the amount of insurance service sales by simplifying and elevating the user journey and experience of our client’s employees (agent, broker, provider, producers etc.). Using the new product, insurance specialists could conduct a comprehensive comparison of different insurance products for their clients on the go, increasing the effectiveness of sales across various distribution channels. It made the selling and buy ing of insurance services a fast and simple digital experience. User benefits included but were not limited to:

  • Interactive design and data visualization
  • Single data entry
  • Smooth user experience
  • Multi-format inputs processing
  • And wide functionality usage (including drag and drop and comparing actions for different data formats).
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