SAP HANA Migration Leverages Google BigQuery for Food Retail Giant

Our client is one of the world’s largest food retail companies and a recognized leader in protein. Grown under three generations of family leadership, the company has a broad portfolio of food products and brands. The client innovates continually to make protein more sustainable, tailor food for everywhere it’s available and raise the world’s expectations for how much good food can do.

Business Challenge

Our client needed to improve analytics capabilities while reducing associated IT costs. Specific business goals associated with this initiative included:

  • Ensure solution scalability without the need for high IT infrastructure investments
  • Improve analytics capabilities that were limited by existing tools
  • Improve overall performance

The customer’s ability to support managerial decision making with high-quality analytics was limited by its existing solution in a couple of ways:

  • Native end-user data analysis tools did not provide the required functionality.
  • Capacity planning difficulties slowed down new data onboarding and new analytics development

Project Description

SoftServe recommended SAP HANA as an analytics database with a number of SQL and MDX clients accessing the data, migrating to a SAP HANA data warehouse with the combination of Google BigQuery and AtScale.

The customer identified the data sets to be migrated. ETL pipelines from SAP HANA to GCP and Google BigQuery were developed by SoftServe in a SnapLogic ETL tool. The logical data warehouse structure in AtScale was added on top of the BigQuery data. Performance tests were then executed to compare existing and new solutions.

Value Delivered

Implementing the PoC provided by SoftServe would give our customer a more robust end-user analysis tools and virtually unlimited scalability without capacity planning overhead.< /p>

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