Smart Cloud Climate Control for Panasonic Appliance Air-Conditioning Europe

Panasonic is one of the largest electronic product manufacturers in the world, comprised of over 600 companies. Making the best use of their technologies, Panasonic develops a wide range of high-value consumer products, as well as provides business, healthcare, ecology solutions and industrial devices. The company’s unchanging management objective stipulates that the company must contribute to society through its business as a public entity.

Business Challenge

As an innovative Heating and Cooling solution provider, Panasonic Appliance Air-conditioning Europe decided to partner with SoftServe UGE, the German entity of SoftServe Inc., to develop a Smart Cloud system enabling simultaneous 24/7 control of the climate and related energy consumption monitoring in numerous business locations, shops and storage premises from a single device – a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The main goals of this project were to:

  • Facilitate all units from several locations to receive real-time status updates of all client’s installations, in a single click
  • Optimize costs by reducing energy consumption
  • Ensure secure data storage as well as reliable connection between the system units.

Project Description

The project involved the development of both software and hardware and needed a unique approach from SoftServe’s team. To meet all the requirements, SoftServe’s team was comprised of 7 seasoned software engineers who achieved the following results within 6 months:

  • Control of all installations from a single internet connection in the cloud with 2 types of connections possible (Internet connection through the store’s/building’s internet connection and 3G connection through a SIM Card and a 3G supply contract)
  • Real-time automatic update s of all the parameters from the GHP/ECOi/PACi
  • Remote maintenance advice and alarms

Additionally, SoftServe’s team provided physical and software protection with high level encryption to secure the data on the servers located in Germany.


Value Delivered

The collaboration between Panasonic Appliance Air-conditioning Europe and SoftServe UGE created a first-of-its-kind Centralized Smart Cloud climate control with both physical and software protection to secure the data on the servers. As a result Panasonic Appliance Air-conditioning Europe received the following benefits:

  • A fully scalable and functional solution in the air conditioning industry
  • The opportunity to monitor and optimize temperature in all premises with just one click
  • Significant reduction in electricity consumption and cost
  • Ability to monitor breakdowns in order to take quick action to maintain comfort in stores
  • Ability to compare performance in different facilities to develop a best practices plan

“We needed a sophisticated and innovative team who could meet the challenge of developing both hardware and software for this complex project, and SoftServe UGE fully exceeded our expectations. The resulting Panasonic Smart Cloud Climate Control system paves the way for more innovative solutions as we expand into new markets and work with SoftServe on bringing the future into our customers` everyday lives.” Jose Alves, Head of Marketing Heating and Cooling Systems, Panasonic Appliance Air-conditioning Europe.

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