SoftServe Creates a Smart Database to Match Grads with their Perfect Job


Our client is a startup in the education industry. They provide a platform for students, graduates, and graduate employers to find each other. The client is collaborating with universities to promote the site among students and companies to make sure that graduates will have better job opportunities. The client has specified target markets in Australia, North America, and Europe.

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The client asked SoftServe to develop and implement a web-based solution for graduate students and potential employers to find each other. The client wanted to develop a searchable database of graduate candidates' video profiles for employers looking for that perfect match. The profiles needed to allow users to share detailed information about their skills, areas of interests, hobbies, etc. The client needed to develop this platform with a limited budget and timeframe (four months).

The key challenges included

  • The ability to upload small video recordings
  • Strict timeframes and predefined release dates
  • Integration of a third-party video service


SoftServe’s team for this project consisted of four developers, a quality assurance manager, and a project manager. Considering the timing and budget, RoR (Ruby on Rails) was recommended due to its functionalities and components. The RoR framework is constantly developing and evolving so the client will not have trouble finding experienced staff to maintain and expand the system. The RoR technology stack allowed SoftServe to speed up the development process and stay within the allotted timeframes and budget and reduce the solution’s time-to-market.

Additionally, the client agreed to use HireVue video/digital interviewing component as the foundation for creating the video profiles. By introducing the proven and mature HireVue digital interviewing solution, SoftServe not only accelerated the development of the core feature of the system, but also ensured that the client will get access to new features that are regularly updated.

The SoftServe team held weekly meetings with the client to define requirements, make recommendations, and determine next steps. This cadence of meetings kept the client informed and allowed the team to make decisions and change requirements based on the evolution of the project.


SoftServe successfully developed and implemented the web-based system — from pre-development analysis to final deployment including a production environment with additional monitoring and maintenance. The platform was launched in time (four months).

Currently, the platform’s goal is to gain as many users (both graduates and employers) as possible to continue the system’s growth and evolution.

The benefits of the implemented platform include:

Benefits of the Implemented Platform
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