Maintenance and Support of a Social Commerce Conversations Review Platform

The client is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that turns social media into social commerce for the world’s best global brands by enabling authentic customer-powered marketing. The company has been providing services with its primary product for more than 7 years, enabling customers to share their feedback and conversations on internet shop sites, directly in the path to purchase.

Business Challenge

Due to the increased business demands, changes in the business models, and time to market of critical needs, in 2012 the client was in the process of transitioning to a brand-new platform. To have the fastest possible time to market the client found it significantly challenging to simultaneously support the daily operations of their current business while driving new innovation. They looked for a partner to help them meet these challenges and opportunities across their project and testing life cycles, development life cycles, and infrastructure maintenance areas.

SoftServe Approach

SoftServe offered the client an integrated solution to transform and enhance their new platform in its maintenance lifetime. Being an integral part of the client’s R&D organization and having in place 70% of the team required for the project, SoftServe was able to shorten the transition period from the expected six mont hs down to three. SoftServe had the experience to provide the full range of services required to run the successful platform maintenance as well as the proposed solution, which would minimize transition costs, downtime or risk associated with the provision of the maintenance services.

SoftServe also extended service to substitute the client’s engineering team, overtaking maintenance of the existing platform while internal client teams led the new platform.

Value Delivered

SoftServe’s main goal was to provide maintenance of the existing platform as well as technical assistance to the client’s customers. The business value delivered includes:

  • Full support and maintenance of their day-to-day operations with 95% of the support team’s resources provided by SoftServe
  • Enabling business growth by increasing the production traffic capacity
  • The significant lowering of expenses and resources as a result of reducing the number of the US team members by 58%
  • Drastic increase in customer satisfaction, increasing the tickets closed in SLA due dates for Level 3 Client Support from 32% in Q3Y2012 to 100% in Q1Y2014
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