Solution Combines Availability and Performance Data into One Windows Application

Our client, a privately held computer software company, develops and sells enterprise software to international clients. The company creates and deploys software solutions that reduce cost, mitigate risk, and improve service delivery throughout the IT lifecycle. The client provides comprehensive solutions including:

  • Metadata and content management
  • Systems solutions—a wide variety of products including performance management, workload automation, application management, and service quality and control.

Business Challenge

Properly running IT centered business processes is critical for every company because these processes are the backbone. If companies do not know the exact status of the processes, they will not be able to intervene—exactly where needed— when problems occur. This could lead to downtime, which could eventually result in losing business.

In IT systems made up of many components—e.g. a service-oriented architecture environment—the problem is even more critical since the processes may span multiple subsystems and may be connected in a complex and multilevel way. To intervene in the process, the team needs to know:

  • Where and in which components the process is currently running
  • How much time the process spends in a subsystem
  • Where the error occurred

Project Description

The client consulted with SoftServe for help developing a new solution—part of larger product suite that provides comprehensive solutions to monitor and manage the health, availability, and performance of the system and subsystem resources powering critical business applications.

The solution combined availability and performance data from the product suite into one Windows client application and consolidated all generated exceptions on one screen. From the solution, users can monitor and manage the health and performance of system resources running in all images on every Sysplex in the environment. With a few clicks of a mouse, the user can determine performance bottlenecks, track exceptions, and define problems quickly. It’s also possible to add notifications, make rules, and send emails according to specific parameters.

The client’s solution provides out-of-the-box reports and graphs as well as allows for a drill down into the client’s log monitor that reports the data being investigated for further analysis and resolution.

Technology Stack

C++, Embarcadero C++ builder, VCL .NET (C#)
BOOST Jansson

Value Delivered

As a result of the collaboration, the client received the following improvements and enhancements:

  • Displays real time performance data
  • Presents exceptions from all Sysplex images in real time on one screen
  • Creates enterprise summary reports that provide overviews of all systems and subsystems
  • Organizes multiple reports and charts in a single workspace for review of related data
  • Produces fast-path access to the appropriate log monitor for further research
  • Adds colored charts and graphs to help visualize performance trends and anomalies
  • Drill down to product reporting the issue via 3270 emulator or web browser user interface
  • Creates custom reports that specify sorting, column selection, graphics, and filters
  • Reduces time to detection for critical situations
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