Streamline Business Processes with Customized Architecture Using Google Cloud

Your business system’s architecture needs to be built to handle specific needs while also maximizing the capabilities of cloud resources. Otherwise, it will create unnecessary delays and slow down processes, costing your company both time and money.

Takeoff Technologies faced this challenge as it sought to scale. As a provider of micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) and related services such as inventory control and management for various industries, our client also wanted to reduce the time it took to onboard and deploy new customer applications.

Initially, Takeoff Technologies had manually deployed most configurations, making it difficult to automate routine processes. Being unable to respond to increasing dynamic demand was costing time and money.

Their architecture was also built initially with mixed production and non-production resources. Once deployed, it was challenging to go back and change the framework. When projects required a logical separation of these resources, it caused delays and slowed down the overall process.

SoftServe took a phased approach to tackle these unique issues. We began with a complete in-depth analysis of the entire process for customer onboarding, integration of their third-party robotics platform, and how they managed their Google Cloud resources.

After this analysis, the SoftServe team constructed an entirely new architecture plan that could both reimplement critical parts of our client’s processes while optimizing the overall design of their GCP management and CI/CD system.

Once this plan was approved, our technology experts began implementation. Utilizing Terraform, SoftServe redesigned the overall network, optimizing it for rapid deployment and segregation.

With this new network structure, we overhauled and separated the production and non-production environments and used Terraform to automate further deployments.


By separating production and nonproduction resources, it streamlined the process for handling everything from testing to billing. Now Takeoff Technologies can provision new users and customer environments in Terraform.

SoftServe encourages using a Terraform-only management structure, as it provides revision history and allows for granular control and automated template-style deployment.

Working in collaboration with Takeoff Technologies, we reduced customer deployment time from days to hours. This improved the customer onboarding experience and allowed our customers to get to market more quickly.

We also provided a secure and logical network that improved project organization and allowed for more granular and isolated control when required.

Implementing Terraform-only policy management also resulted in a single source of truth for Takeoff Technologies.

Finally, we significantly improved the CI/ CD functionality, which reduced the strain placed on the SRE team. It allowed them to focus on other priorities and become more effective and efficient.

GCP Products Used

  • Cloud IAM
  • GKE
  • Pub Sub
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Third-party integrations such as Terraform and Jenkins

Business processes and Google Cloud resources work best when you maximize their abilities. SoftServe’s delivery of an overhauled architecture took advantage of Google Cloud’s many tools. With separated production and non-production resources, Terraform-only interactions implemented, and hardcoded dependencies removed, Takeoff Technologies increased reliability, modernized systems, and expanded business growth.

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