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Unlock Data Value, Enable Smarter Business Decisions

Our client is a big North American market player, with almost 100 years of operating history in retail, financial services, and beyond.

The company processes huge amounts of operational data from a variety of sources daily. Their challenge was to unlock data value and use it to take business decision-making processes to a new level.

SoftServe addressed this need with a comprehensive business intelligence solution that uses visualization and analysis of various data inputs. It enables streamlined decisions based on actionable insights, faster and more accurate reporting, and enhanced risk management.

enhanced risk management

The BI system provides:

  • A clear view of trends and changes in product sales, costs, and investments
  • Up-to-date performance metrics for business units, components, structures, products, and services
  • Cost optimization through a unified library of reusable components
  • Improved decision-making lifecycle and accelerated reports generation
  • Increased flexibility and process integration, reducing the risk of potential legal fees
  • Communication with each component’s respective team for seamless experiences

Leveraging SoftServe’s BI system, C-level management can:

  • Easily process and analyze financial and operational data
  • Monitor company performance indicators and trends
  • Make more accurate strategic decisions based on actionable insights
  • Identify and address high risk and opportunity areas
  • Improve procurement planning and inventory management

Are you enabling actionable insights for the right stakeholders today?

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