Vertigo Music Completes Successful AWS to GCP Cloud Migration

Vertigo Music is a social media platform that allows users to chat, share, and collaborate in real-time while listening to curated songs. The platform uses an individual’s premium music subscription to allow users listen to music with others and connect socially while doing so.

Business Challenge

Vertigo reached out to Google with a request for assistance around an AWS to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud migration and re-platforming project assistance. Vertigo architecture was based on a traditional VM-based deployment and scaling model. As a rapidly growing startup, being very sensitive to just-in-time scale out and cost optimization, Vertigo wanted to adopt App Engine and container-based solution to solve this need.

Specific challenges that needed to be addressed included refactoring the CI/CD process, architecture and microservices modernization, API gateways compatibility, and deployment automation.

Vertigo needed to decrease costs of running in the cloud, adding scalability and improving speed of development and deployment by adopting a new foundation to scale their product to adapt to a growing user base.

Project Description

Vertigo engaged GCP together with SoftServe to migrate on GCP App Engine Flexible Environment to reduce hosting and operation expenses .

SoftServe began with a discovery workshop to understand Vertigo’s technology and business goals and chart a roadmap – working closely with Vertigo architect to evaluate their stack, review and prototype several migration approaches. Then a PoC was created and once the approach was proven to work, SoftServe migrated Vertigo’s staging environment from AWS to GCP and re-platformed to App Engine Vertigo back-end applications, providing documentation and educational materials for Vertigo staff to continue migrating the rest of the application.

SoftServe used GCP App Engine Flex instances to run some of Vertigo microservices. Despite the fact that the Vertigo application was developed as a set of microservices, SoftServe’s expert team spend significant time containerizing those apps, which required code and configuration changes.

Business Value

Vertigo’s migration from AWS to GCP allowed the company to serve their users faster, quickly adapting to a changing API consumption rate and save considerable costs.

As result of six weeks engagement SoftServe team deliver following artifacts:

  • Adjusted Architecture with using GCP App Engine Flexible Environment
  • Build scalable CI/CD process on top of GKE
  • Fully automated deployment process for App Engine and GKE

SoftServe completed this migration with a set of the improvements that help vertigo to improve load and optimize the cost of the hosting high load API. Using managed services allows Vertigo to focus on development without spending extra budget for operation.

Building CI/CD pipelines on Jenkins to automate build and deployments improved engineering productivity, process optimization, and reduced time to market. Running a GCP-based environment will be cheaper than on AWS and will create a foundation for a scalable platform which will help Vertigo to grow and acquire new customers. SoftSe rve expects running this GCP environment will be net-positive for Vertigo within a few months.

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