Financial Services

Visionary Intelligence: Voice-Enabled Robo-Advisor

What if you could have instant access to your financial holdings, circumventing the hurdles of a traditional financial advisory or a wealth management broker when managing your personal investments? What if you could get accurate information regarding some of the investments that you want to make?

SoftServe’s Financial Services Lab and the R&D team have been working on developing a voice enabled personal assistant, known as a ‘Robo-Advisor’, that assists investors through their whole investment decision-making journey.

At the heart of the solution lies a smart and transparent software algorithm, which is integrated into a user-friendly interface and uses Amazon Echo Show to brings the investing experience to a whole new level.

The algorithm utilizes big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and business intelligence (BI), and uses a few types of input parameters (quantitative and qualitative) for conducting the individual stock price predictions.


Use Cases

Accessibility and convenience – As the portfolio becomes increasingly compr ised of different assets, and its dynamics becomes more complex, this algorithm makes access to data more easy.

Advisory – The algorithm brings transparency to the advising process, including providing stock price predictions that calculate the future time series for an input of shares.

Investment risk assessment – The tool processes large volumes of correlated data from the market in real-time with a high degree of accuracy, helping to assure investors in their certainty making decisions.

Portfolio optimization – The product provides investors with three alternative portfolio strategies to follow, with respect to the level of risk and returns:

  • an optimal strategy
  • minimum risk strategy
  • highest returns strategy (highest risk)


Wealth management, personal pensions, advisory, discretionary, financial logistics, relationship management, and investment banking