Non-profit Organization Implements a New Website to Raise Awareness Around Environmental and Humanitarian Causes Using Sitecore

Our client is an independent non-profit organization carring out conservation and humanitarian projects worldwide. The foundation leverages its parent company’s global reach to restore the balance between people and nature with ecological initiatives to improve the quality of the world’s oceans. The organization heavily focuses on bringing humanitarian help to disaster-struck populations and supporting vulnerable communities through education and medical projects.


In order to attract attention to its mission, educate the public about its projects and raise awareness on how to support them, our client needed to establish a strong online presence through the implementation of a brand new website using a reliable, omni-channel content management platform that would accommodate any future evolving needs, scaling opportunities, and additional digital marketing features.


To meet these business objectives, SoftServe’s Digital Experience Platforms team ensured a successful and smooth implementation of the client’s new website, including both front- and back-end features. The solution was based on Sitecore – a leading digital experience platform that combines powerful content management features as well as digital marketing capabilities such as personalization, cross-channel marketing automation, and experience optimization.

The implementation of Sitecore allowed our client to take advantage of the platform’s powerful features to:

  • Create, publish, and modify new content through an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor interface
  • Manage and distribute content across channels thanks to the ‘headless’ implementation approach that separates the content from its presentation layer
  • Create multiple versions of the content and translate it into various languages
  • Collect analytics data to assess the content’s performance in terms of user engagement


SoftServe’s Digital Experience Platforms team delivered a reliable, fully functional website with future scaling potential for a consistent, omnichannel experience. Sitecore Experience Platform enabled our client to easily create, better manage and distribute content, analyze performance, and gather external donations to support their causes. After the implementation and integration phase, SoftServe provided guidance and support to the client’s in-house team to ensure the adoption of the platform and understanding of its full content management and marketing capabilities.

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