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We’re in “the greatest acceleration of digital banking in history,” with 80% of banking customers preferring to manage their finances online rather than in person.

As the industry becomes increasingly more digital, regional banks and credit unions may struggle to keep pace. Without the resources of larger banks, smaller institutions are slower at developing and launching new services and digital offerings. To stay competitive, regional banks and credit unions need to deliver the services and experiences at the speed today’s digital-savvy customers expect.

This video explains how regional banks and smaller financial institutions can increase their digital solution onboarding speed. Experts describe the key elements you need to accelerate the process and how to see a nearly immediate ROI.

Watch to learn how to accelerate your credit union or regional banks’ digital journey.

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Antonina Skrypnyk

Antonina Skrypnyk, Head of Financial Services Lab, SoftServe

Antonina Skrypnyk is a Senior Client Partner and the global head of SoftServe’s Financial Services Lab. She has more than a decade of extensive industry experience delivering high-impact results. Antonina has led enterprise crediting, credit portfolio management, and financial investment projects. In addition, she also spearheads high-profile and innovative initiatives in development via SoftServe’s Financial Services Lab.

Cass Obregon

Cass Obregon, Senior Enterprise Architect, Google

Cass has 4 years experience building solutions for industry verticals on Google Cloud in Telecommunications, Retail, Financial and Healthcare. With over 20 years experience in working with technology companies in Silicon Valley, he has extensive experience in each of industries and continues expanding value to each industry customer.

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