ID8 Session #2: Capturing Trapped Value In Enterprise Data Entropy


1h 25 min



The second event in our new ID8 series took place on April 8, 2021 at 3 PM BST (4 PM CEST or 6 PM GST) and focused on extracting trapped data value in enterprise organizations.

In today’s business environment, most enterprises suffer from data entropy and are unable to effectively utilize their data. Data accumulates and becomes disorganized over time, leading to value loss and increases in business costs.

Watch SoftServe CTO Alex Chubay discuss the problems of enterprise data entropy and the technologies and methods can be leveraged to solve these challenges.

ID8 Session 2

About ID8

Learn how your organization’s data can:

  • Inform strategic decision making
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Gain an advantage over competitors

ID8 is a unique series of events with technology leaders from across the industry. Topics focus on the most critical digital transformation challenges facing our the industry.

ID8 events offer a unique collaborative space for participants. They work in small groups to play SoftServe’s new Data Decision game. The game is based on real-life scenarios and challenges associated with building an enterprise data strategy.


Alex Chubay

CTO, SoftServe

Alex has over two decades of engineering and business leadership experience, with a solid record of transformational experiences combining innovation, technology, and leadership into winning solutions.

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