Next Generation IoTs in the Oil and Gas Industry


29 min


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Discover the future of IoT in the Oil and Gas industry — watch our presentation from IoT Slam Live 2023. Join Hatem Nasr, Ph.D., a leading expert in Upstream Digital Oilfield (DOF), as he explores the history of IoT in this sector, addresses its current needs, and discusses the path to wider adoption.

Our speaker:

Hatem Nasr

Hatem Nasr, Ph.D., Global Director Digital Energy O&G

Hatem is a leading expert in Upstream Digital Oilfield (DOF), strategy definition, and systems design of DOF systems for production management, automation, IoT, workflow automation, field development, waterflood management, integrated asset management, and smart operations. His experience spans over 27 years in the energy industry as a company executive, entrepreneur, and senior advisor to the C-suites on Digital Strategy. Before joining SoftServe, Hatem has been a senior advisor on strategy, technology roadmap, and project execution to several multinational companies across the world (IOCs and NOCs). He has been involved in more than 14 Digital Oilfield projects around the world with major oil companies, including KOC (led DOF with budgets over $200 Million), Shell, Chevron, Saudi Aramco, ADNOC, PDO, Pemex, and many others. Published over 30 articles and holds several patents. Previously, he co-founded a leading Digital Oilfield start-up financed by Shell Technology Ventures and was Director of Advanced Technology at Baker Hughes.

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