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The proportion of IT spending shifting to the cloud is accelerating. Experts predict that over 45% of system infrastructure, infrastructure software, application software, and more will shift from traditional solutions to the cloud by 2024.

Atlassian itself is making this transition and moving from supporting Jira and Confluence on-prem to becoming solely cloud-based.

Atlassian Cloud

However, migrating your Jira and Confluence servers can be complex. The best way to ensure a seamless cloud migration is through planning and understanding the steps involved.

Find out how adopting Atlassian Cloud will simplify and streamline your processes, improve your organizational and project management, and ultimately increase your productivity.

Gain insight on the necessary technical requirements and potential challenges you should know before starting the migration process and how best to approach them. The speakers also share how to reduce ongoing operational risks and the best way to choose the right cloud pricing for your organization.

Watch and discover how to successfully plan the cloud migration of your Atlassian Jira and Confluence server products to make your business more efficient, cost-effective, and agile.

Our speakers:

Joe Tong

Joe Tong, US Channels Team Lead/Partner Manager, Atlassian

Joe Tong currently leads the US channel team for Atlassian, having previously managed Atlassian partners in the central region and Canada. Joe’s experience has been built on finding partner solutions and assessing the regional needs of Atlassian customers. He brings nearly 20 years of expertise in technology enablement, marketing, and customer service working with software vendors, open-source technologies, and enterprise VARs.

Mykhailo Pavlyuk

Mykhailo Pavlyuk, Senior Service Desk Analyst, Atlassian consultant, SoftServe

Mykhailo has helped build the Atlassian managed services sector at SoftServe for the last few years. With two Atlassian certifications and years of hands-on experience, Mykhailo drives migrations for the CoE Critical Services department. He leads a team of support engineers who provide application administration and consulting for customers that want to move to the cloud.

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