Recording: Tech Talks with SoftServe and NVIDIA: Customer Outcomes and Generative AI in Retail


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How will you use generative AI and large language models to drive higher retail sales volumes? SoftServe’s NVIDIA Partnership Technical Lead Igor Isupov, R&D Lead Maria Mikolajczak, and Retail and Supply Chain Lead Oleksandr Yavlinsky, spoke to Adam Czekalowski, NVIDIA’s AI Senior Developer Relations Manager in EMEA, to show you the way forward.

Our speakers:

Maria Mikolajczak

Maria Mikolajczak, R&D Lead, AI/ML Product Manager Focusing on Generative AI

Maria is an AI/ML product manager passionate about developing machine learning applications to enhance enterprise solutions. She believe that AI tools can make work easier and more effective, in addition to reducing waste. To gain perspective on her projects, she frequently collaborates with developers, data analysts, engineers, and clients. That helps her ensure that every solution she develops exceeds her client's requirements.
Adam Czekalowski

Adam Czekalowski, EMEA AI Senior Developer Relations Manager, Consumer Internet, LLMs, and Generative AI

Adam leads NVIDIA’s Developer Relations for generative AI and LLMs in EMEA. He brings more than 15 years of experience in the technology sector, with prior leadership at IBM and expertise in AI and big data.
Igor Isupov

Igor Isupov, Data Scientist, NVIDIA Partnership Technical Lead

Igor Isupov is a data science expert, possessing over ten years’ experience in data analytics in various industries, including e-commerce, retail, FMCG, telecoms, healthcare, and more. He has been involved with different stages of a project lifecycles, from discovery, PoC, MVP stages, and up to production-grade system implementation.
Oleksandr Yavlinsky

Oleksandr Yavlinsky, Retail and Supply Chain Practice Director

Oleksandr Yavlinsky leads the Retail and Supply Chain practice at SoftServe. He and his team focus holistically on the product lifecycle in a value chain. This ranges from manufacturing to W&T, SC planning and S&OP, to brick&mortar and Ecommerce Retail. Before joining SoftServe, Oleksandr drove business transformation for companies such as Procter & Gamble and Coty Inc.

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