Transform Facility Ops with AI


54 min



Nearly 46% of companies say they waste significant time daily on paper-intensive processes such as project documents, equipment manuals, instructions, datasheets, POs, calculations, drawings, layouts, photos, tables, and databases.

Luckily, AI/ML automates and accelerates documentation processes and management. It can effectively and efficiently transform these documents into structured data.

This digital event explains step by step how document understanding and knowledge mining platforms—powered by Google’s machine learning—lead to digital insights and innovations for energy and manufacturing companies.

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  • Introduction
  • Use case overview of document AI platforms
  • Demo the operations and maintenance documents management and knowledge mining solution
  • Discuss application of AI for facility operation and maintenance
  • Q&A

Our speakers:

Andrii Struk

Andrii Struk, SME, Energy, Oil and Gas, Softserve

Andrii is an energy, oil, and gas business analyst and subject matter expert at SoftServe. As an experienced engineer and manager, Andrii has worked on a variety of oil and gas projects around the world.

Andrii provides clients with domain and technical assessments to solve their business challenges ranging from exploration, production, and manufacturing processes optimization to assets management and monitoring, performance development, and digital transformation.

Taras Hnot

Taras Hnot, Data Scientist, SoftServe

Taras is a SoftServe data science expert, with extensive experience in performing large-scale data mining and analytical projects. He frequently speaks about AI and ML at both scientific and business conferences with topics like: "Knowledge Graphs," "Anomaly Detection," and "AI for Well-Logs Processing."

Many of Taras’ projects have been for oil and gas companies, where he’s worked on solutions ranging from document understanding platforms, to developing knowledge graphs from unstructured content. He has even built an autonomous control system for one of the industry’s largest organizations.

Taras has also worked within the manufacturing industry, facilitating projects such as developing a predictive maintenance solution for a cryo-pump manufacturer and applying unsupervised anomaly detection algorithms as part of a solution for a business with thousands of devices and billions of time-series data points.

 Christine De Sario

Christine De Sario, Customer Engineer, Google

Christine is a Customer Engineer at Google with 6 years of specific energy industry experience. Motivated by the wide-ranging impacts technology can bring to the energy field, Christine believes applying analytics and machine learning will revolutionize this sector for the future.

Leveraging her subject matter expertise in both tech and its application to the energy industry, Christine helps enterprises transform their businesses to meet the changing needs of their customers.

Ed Mikuszewski

Ed Mikuszewski, Ed Mikuszewski, Google

Ed is a Customer Engineer at Google, with over 15 years of experience in software and hardware development and engineering. As an innovator, Ed’s expertise covers everything from facilitating projects, managing application lifecycles, building workflow systems from conception to implementation, and collaborating with peers, client teams and third parties.

As a subject matter expert, Ed has presented on complex topics related to system design and development. He thrives on demystifying the market and showcasing all of the technology options available.

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